Chateau Sang Royal



Hathor our Indigo flower, from old Egypt

Here is a photograph, of the mask, of Tutankhamon. Here is some, Egyptian music and a YouTube video.





Sang Royal, is international,

we speak English, here in Denmark..

Location of Château, Sang Royal, Aarhus City,

In The State of Denmark, Scandinavia.

In leased premises, for anonymity safety.

Inception of Château, Sang Royal, Feb. 12, 2015.

Private, invites only, we are not roleplayers.

PS. You must be, over 21 years, to request invites.


In Sang Royal, i dress in style, like an old Gentleman.



We are not a Vanpire House, we are an organization.

Our organization, is not right / left path, we study and observe.

Sang Royal is a non-profit organization, run by only one person.

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You can not, seek active membership, of our organization.


Private Forum Link: //ChateauSangRoyal.CreateAForum.Com

You have to make, a forum application, to be acceptedprivate.

Use the the above, contact form, to get the private, application.

We are in Guro Mode, untill the right astrological, moment in time.

So the above, contact form, is locked, so be very patient, please.



Sang Royal

Hathor our Goddess

Our soul is near, the Indigo flame